Why Contribute to Leilani Darling?

By Richard Leon Linfield, Ph.D.

You can help Universal happiness and Spiritual Love become widespread realities! The world needs them, wouldn’t you agree?  

Please contribute to help Leilani Darling’s Spiritual outreach and trainings.  In our small home in rural New Mexico, Leilani and I are writing and mentoring people every day. Leilani is creating a deep philosophy of Universal Happiness and Spiritual Love in her books and other writings. Her philosophy is a forward-looking non-religious Spirituality. 

Please read her essays here on her website www.connectwithyourheartandsoul.com

In addition, she and I together are continuing to develop our website for college students nationwide: https://optimallearninginstitute.org.  Since 2007 the website has been helping students make the best grades and helping their parents find ways to help pay for college. 

Our broad goals are to raise the quality of higher education and increase the number of American college graduates. Your gift shall help us continue these endeavors.  

 We hope that you’ll consider using the Donate button above to send us a financial gift. 

Leilani’s books require formatting and placement with online booksellers. There are expenses involved with doing this. These books also need to be marketed. Help Leilani’s message of Universal Happiness and Spiritual Love to reach more people. Please give her a gift to aid in the publication and marketing of these books. 

Note that this is NOT a tax-deductible donation, but a simple gift. We are working on setting up a 501(c)(3) organization so that later donations shall be tax deductible. 

We are completing a business plan which we shall be sending to educational foundations. The plan’s purpose is to gain grant money to develop the college student website as well as to create a training facility here in rural New Mexico.

We’ll start by purchasing a house to be our headquarters, along with 37 acres of land for classroom buildings, dormitories, a dining hall and hiking trails amongst the junipers and tumbleweeds.  

You can also book a session with Leilani to help you with your spiritual growth. See the Counseling tab above. 

Please write us with any questions. Thank you for considering contributing to our cause! – Leilani Darling, J.D., O.M. and Richard Linfield, Ph.D. https://optimallearninginstitute.org

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