Why Do We Need More Women in the Media?

Why Do We Need More Women in the Media?

Why are we seeing a swamp of negative and violent programming? Unfortunately, we see negativity portrayed so frequently that it can start to feel normal. However, women can become a strong positive influence on what’s presented in entertainment.

Why are we being bombarded with depictions of tragedy, fear, violence and negativity? Would your view of the world be enhanced if more of the media helped you feel happier? I find it tiresome to see TV dramas with inevitable gun fights and car crashes.

Where are the stories that focus on a more encouraging, positive approach to our challenges? Fortunately, there are programs, but not many, that help us to feel happy and loving.

How Many Women?

  • Citing a survey of more than 900 independent firms, a 2013 University of Southern California study found that “violence, guns/weapons, and blood/gore were less likely to be depicted when women were directing or producing, and thought-provoking topics were more likely to appear.”
  • Sad to say, data from the Directors Guild of America shows that just 15% of the more than 3,100 episodes of television in 2011-12 were directed by women.
  • In the news world, Women’s Media Center statistics show that in both traditional newsrooms and digital news organizations, women hold only 19 percent to 33 percent of managerial roles. Furthermore, these positions are dominated by the traditional style of hierarchical management. This pushes women into accepting a masculine style. We need to stop neglecting the cooperative feminine management approach which has proven very effective.

Women, Where Are You?

Your female perspective is valuable for the changes we need in society. No wonder we’re being so flooded with violence, bad behavior and negative wording in music, in video games, in movies, and on TV.

What kind of an example are we setting? Why are we volunteering to act out exaggerated roles on TV and in music that portray women as passive or dominating or overly sexual?

Studies have shown that sexualized portrayals of women exacerbate harassment and violence against women.

How many times are we bombarded with sexual scenes of men and women tearing off each other’s clothes and having quick sex while the woman is pushed against a wall or onto a table? Is this a widespread male fantasy? Have you had sex this way in your life?

What are we programming into children? What would we prefer to model to our children about the beauty and pleasure of sexual relationships?

Women value morals,

So our voices must become increasingly influential.

Your Action is Needed to Create More Positivity.

Women! Here are useful ideas:

  • Go to film school
  • Acquire relevant skills and degrees
  • Get decision-making positions in TV, magazines and newspapers
  • Become a leader in the digital news media
  • Make professional connections, especially with each other
  • Get in the industry and make a positive difference

Positivity is getting stronger and stronger. You can be an intuitive, influential person in the immense shift going on in our media industry.

****Rev. Leilani Darling is the author of the God Is Love series and the founder of Welcome Home Ministries, a celebration ministry. She is a trailblazer in revealing the joy of being positive and being spiritual. She helps people fulfill their personal destinies. 

See Leilani’s biography and books at her Amazon Author Page.  Her book How To Be Happy: The Shocking Truth reveals many techniques for discovering the happiness that is already within you.

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