Renewing the American Spirit: The Real Pursuit of Happiness

Renewing the American Spirit: The Real Pursuit of Happiness

Would you like to help strengthen our true American way of life?

The U.S. Declaration of Independence says that we are entitled to —

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

People tend to think they can’t have a lot of happiness now, but hopefully it can come in the future.

However, pursuing happiness is not some distant goal.

Rather, a “pursuit” is what you have now. The dictionary defines “pursuit” as any occupation, pastime, or activity in which a person is engaged regularly.

Your pursuit is your purpose, your enjoyment, your guiding star.

 Your “pursuit” is your profession, your responsibility, your avocation, your project, your happiness, your fun, your relaxation.

Can you see why happiness can be a major pursuit of yours? No wonder the Declaration of Independence guarantees happiness as one of our inalienable rights. Your pursuit is the foundation on which you stand and create your life.

Just as with any skill, learning what makes you truly happy is an “inside job” that takes ongoing work. You can tap into the happiness that’s already within you. It’s worth the effort because happiness can be very powerful.

We, as a people, stand on a foundation of happiness and freedom as God-given, inalienable rights.

  • As Americans, we can enjoy living up to this spiritual potential.
  • We can help ourselves and others get in touch with their inner happiness.
  • We have an innate American optimism and enthusiasm.
  • We have a caring, loving, can-do attitude.
  • Whatever you call it, happiness is a way of life that we can model for our country and the world.


Rev. Leilani Darling is the author of the God Is Love series and the founder of Welcome Home Ministries, a celebration ministry. She is a trailblazer in revealing the joy of being positive and being spiritual. She helps people fulfill their personal destinies. 

See Leilani’s biography and books at her Amazon Author Page.  Her book How To Be Happy: The Shocking Truth reveals many techniques for discovering the happiness that is already within you. 

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