One on One with Leilani Darling:

Bringing Love and Happiness into Your Life in Many Powerful Ways

Leilani can help you experience strengths you might have never known you had. She is a compassionate presence who helps her clients, particularly women, become happier and more committed to their spirituality. You can read her essays on the website that you are reading, If you would like to discuss having a session with her, email her at and describe your issues. We shall get back to you ASAP.

Many have realized that the more love they have in their lives, the happier and more successful they are. But in today’s difficult world, how is it possible to be loving and happy all the time?

Leilani Darling faced a challenging childhood as caregiver to her severely handicapped mother. In high school, without family support and in spite of her natural shyness, she became a cheerleader and a beauty queen.

After college, Leilani spent five years as a Social Services Crisis Counselor facing some of our society’s harshest situations. Next, she earned her Juris Doctor degree at a top law school, the University of Virginia. She practiced law in three states as well as becoming a highly successful real estate broker.

Drawing on her decades of prayer and meditation, Leilani became a Spiritual Counselor. She taught intensive courses at the Edgar Cayce Institute in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She also studied Gestalt therapy with Laura Perls and has used Gestalt principles with her counseling clients in many ways. Since 1986 she has been an ordained nondenominational Christian minister.

“Throughout these various challenges.” Rev. Darling states, “I learned that Love and Happiness are the most practical qualities for improving a spiritual person’s life, career and personal relationships.”

In her Love and Happiness coaching program, Rev. Darling interviews you to bring your issues to the surface. She then meets with you online weekly in 60- minute sessions.

She assists you in applying the creative power of Love and Happiness to guide you and improve your life in many ways. She shows you how Love and Happiness can resolve your problems and develop many positive ways of life for you.

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  • You can book a free group Zoom meeting with Leilani. Please email for the Zoom schedule. Or you can enter $100 in Paypal on the next screen for a one-hour individual session. We’ll be in touch to set up a day and time for you. 
  • Thank you for caring for yourself! 
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