30-Day Program: Happiness Messages to Inspire You

The following thirty Happiness Messages hold layers of wisdom and inspiration. The messages can be applied easily. They bring fun into your daily life.

Start with the first of the thirty “Happiness Messages” Then, day by day, for one month, dig into the next message.

As a reminder, write that day’s message on several pieces of paper. Place the message conspicuously around the house and where you work.

Say the essence of each message to yourself many times during the day. Stay aware of your responses to your messages. You’ll notice positive shifts that benefit you.

If some of the messages become your favorites, try using those for a week at a time. Then return to your next message.

These happiness messages can bring forth your intuition. As you practice using these messages, you’ll reveal to yourself deeper experiences of what Happiness is for you.

Have fun!
Leilani, your partner in happiness.

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