Happiness and Celebration: The New Era is Unfolding

Happiness and Celebration: The New Era is Unfolding

We’ve been caught up in a male-dominated mental world for hundreds of years.

This world ignores our emotional needs and our emotional talents.

Our current world is fraught with problems. An over-reliance on mentality is one of the main issues.

Mentality is great for developing technology. However, mentality does not focus on creating true happiness. We need a global awakening.

In the developed countries, society has learned how to handle the basic needs – survival, shelter, and safety. Technological advances have created many improvements and changes.

However, some of the big businesses interfere with people having their basic needs met. They try to impose their need for power, control, and profits.

These are the needs of the mind, not of the body and not of the heart.

Of course, society has the knowledge and ability to provide us with human necessities.

However, because those needs go unmet for many, statistics show that depression, restlessness, anxiety, and stress are prevalent. What is going on?

There is a major shift occurring. Our internal emotions are often ignored as insignificant.

Business often sees them as interfering with work. Now, people are beginning to feel their long-ignored internal needs. Now, an inherent internal longing is emerging.

Physical needs can be dealt with by mentality, science, and knowledge. Emotional needs are met through the inner feelings. From physical needs to emotional needs is a huge shift.

Happiness is the key

Happiness and Celebration: The New Era is Unfolding

People used to think the main thing they needed to feel happy was to fulfill the external needs of life.

Then, needs turned into desires for ever-expanding issues: a new fancier car, a nicer home. However, individuals still felt there was something missing.

Some people began to realize that we need to be more in touch with our true nature, Some aspects of this are:

  • Happiness is an inside journey
  • True happiness is already within you
  • Now, you can learn how to uncover your inner Self

A good way to start is to make friends with your internal emotions.

For example, learning how to make decisions with your intuition is a basic step toward appreciating your emotions.

Our emotional nature was considered to be unimportant.

Now, “emotional intelligence” has become a familiar topic. It really is the right time for a spiritual inner change. It’s in the wind. It’s happening.

To see things through a lens of anxiety, doubt, and pessimism is being caught in the trap of old world analysis and thinking. However, we are in the process of an inner revolution.

The new era is now producing a feminine orientation toward creating a happy world.

Celebration and Fun

Happiness and Celebration: The New Era is Unfolding

We can celebrate becoming closer to our happiness and inner wealth that is our true nature.

Experiencing happiness is our choice to do so. You can bring forth the best within you. You can revel in your emotions as you go to the bright side of life and create more and more positivity.

You can inspire yourself to be less busy and take time to enjoy yourself. You can become more aware of the inner spiritual guidance that lives within you.

This new era is a time for happiness, for celebration, for real FUN!

Can you imagine being part of a world where you felt so happy from the inside out that you felt like celebrating in many ways?

Women’s intuition is a valuable resource for grounding this long-awaited awakening.

Intuition and emotions are close friends. It’s time to reaffirm your friendship with your feminine emotional intelligence.

As more and more people become friends with their inner happiness, the more they open themselves to their own divine nature.

Then, Paradise on our earth can start to flourish more thoroughly.

Paradise is a place, a way of life, both internal and external.

Paradise is where happiness and creativity and love and enthusiasm and kindness and fun and celebration reign supreme.

Intuitive Spiritual Love is unfolding.

We can move into the emotional, spiritual world where our innate desire for true happiness resides.

A global awakening is becoming visible. The new ways of living are unfolding.

Now is the time for intuitive, conscious people to move into this new, positive way of being – the Happiness Way of Life.

One individual at a time, one step a time,

intuitive Love is unfolding.

Discover it, ride it, enjoy it!

****   Rev. Leilani Darling is the author of the God Is Love series and the founder of Welcome Home Ministries, a celebration ministry.  She is a trailblazer in revealing the joy of being positive and experiencing Spiritual Love. She helps people fulfill their personal destinies.  See Leilani’s biography and books at her Amazon Author Page.  Her book How To Be Happy: The Shocking Truth reveals many techniques for discovering the happiness that is already within you.

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