Can You Always Feel Happy?

Can You Always Feel Happy?

Your Goal: Happiness Wins.

Having a positive outlook on life at all times is very helpful. Do you already do this?

Of course, not everything goes your way, and difficult, nasty things can happen. However, if there are setbacks and difficulties, you can learn ways to stay positive while you handle the situations.

Do you see the benefit of surrounding yourself with happy people? Consider the effects on you of the people around you. When those around you have a positive outlook on life, you own positivity is very likely to be reinforced, or even expanded.

Happy ways to feel positive

Are you interested in focusing more on fun things that could bring you a lot of happiness? Here are a few ideas: take a creative writing class – learn a new skill – spend more time with your family – take an art class — get more education. You might encourage your family to become more involved in things that help them feel happier.

Even though this might sound a little corny, buy a calendar of happiness quotes. Regularly read the quotes. Share the quotes with people who are important to you.

You might look into a hobby, such as a crafts class, or even a martial arts class. Anything that gets your mind off lots of mental work can help you focus on pleasant pastimes. Such pastimes can trigger your positive feelings and improve your overall lifestyle.

Find new ways to celebrate all of the important days in your life. Being with your friends and family is a great way to keep your spirits up. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, Easter, an anniversary or some other special day, make sure you’re surrounding yourself with loved ones. Also, do something special for yourself.

Getting your life in better shape might take awhile. However, you’ll eventually find that happiness is becoming more and more your way of life.

If you put forth effort to improve things, you’re very likely to change your life for the better. It’s up to you to choose what you prefer. You can be good to yourself. You could experiment with what it means to be more loving to yourself. Your happiness is also very likely to benefit others. It’s a win-win.

Also, do take a look at A30 Day Program to Enrich Your Happinesson this website. The daily messages can inspire you and even change the way you look at your life. The program is a free personal growth treat that you can give to yourself.

What it means to be more loving to yourself. You could even get to know more about your Spiritual Love. Your happiness ……

****Rev. Leilani Darling is the author of the God Is Love series and the founder of Welcome Home Ministries, a celebration ministry. She is a trailblazer in revealing the joy of being positive and being spiritual. She helps people fulfill their personal destinies. 

See Leilani’s biography and books at her Amazon Author Page.  Her book How To Be Happy: The Shocking Truth reveals many techniques for discovering the happiness that is already within you.

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