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An Amazing Secret: Three Special Methods.
Every positive person has their own individual spiritual power. Have you discovered yours yet?  Do you know the secret of enjoying your Spirituality? I’ve learned that if you stay open to your inner world, new intuitions and ideas unexpectedly keep appearing to you. These gifts from your Soul can bring you an appreciation of life and a deep creativity most people can’t even imagine.

-Leilani Darling, J.D., O.M. 

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You can do this!

Tap into the Three Special Methods.

They’ll teach you creative ways

to use and enjoy your Spirituality.

After These three Special Methods

You’ll find a series of articles further down this page. I deal with issues in these articles that I’ve found to be crucial to my spiritual life. I trust you may find them relevant to yours. Please start reading them after you’ve read my introduction to the Three Special Methods below

The Three Special Methods


This method reveals how you’ll benefit from feeling and using your positivity every day.

Why would this be important to you? Because if you use the power of spiritual positivity, you’ll attain your desires and solve your problems more easily. In fact, when you focus on spiritual positivity, you may already have fewer problems than you realized.

Once you feel the value of positivity and your own personal inner spirituality, your life can expand in many ways. You could enjoy greater success. Your life can become an adventure.

To go forward, use the self-knowledge methods I’ll be sharing with you. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to keep improving what you already have within.


Hear me on these methods. Very few people know about these highly effective methods for self-improvement.

How much do you use your positive abilities? Did you know they can become much more powerful and spiritual?

How might you find ways to enrich your positive, spiritual nature?

Would you like to dig into a method I’ve been using and teaching for years? 

Try this: Write an inventory of what you know to be your greatest positive strengths in life. Then, think about how you can make each one stronger. When you reinforce your positive abilities, you can apply them to everything you do. Furthermore, you can do so in your own special ways.

You are in charge of whether you succeed or fail. You can keep learning more deeply the strength of your own spirituality. Your spirituality can be very useful. It can help you become wiser than you ever imagined.


Here, you’ll learn to distinguish between what’s mentally positive and what’s deeply, spiritually, emotionally positive. Guess what? Your spiritual energy is powerful, and helps you have fun, and celebrate, and be your true self! 

If you like being positive, you can find ways to experience spiritual positivity. Would you enjoy deeply feeling such thrilling emotions as compassion for all, great appreciation of beauty, and profound relaxation?

I’ve been an ordained Interfaith Minister since 1980 and a Nondenominational Christian Minister since 1986. I’ve learned techniques you can use to take advantage of all three Special Methods.

Did you know positive mental feelings are not the same as positive spiritual feelings? Did you know there’s a major difference between them? It’s wise to appreciate the distinction between mental positivity and spiritual positivity.

I am presenting you with an exciting approach for using your spiritual power. Spiritual positivity does not focus on mind. Rather, it focuses on your gut feelings. It is part of your inner Soul and Higher Self. This is a unique issue. Spiritual positivity differs from the positivity you express in your mind.

Of course, you can always enjoy positive mental thoughts. However, spiritual positivity is more powerful and creative and fun than the positivity in your mind. 

In our current difficult days, your mental positivity can easily get pulled into negative thoughts or feelings, such as frustration, anger, fear and stress. If you focus on negative issues, you interfere with what your positive mental feelings can do for you.

The positive spirituality of your soul, however, can bring true, strongly effective, emotional, heartfelt ways to handle negative interference!

Are you attracted to the benefits of spiritual positivity? Would you enjoy what it means to go beyond mental positivity? Of course you would!

The World of Positive Consciousness is Here for You

Now is an important time in our lives. Many things in this world are changing. Some are coming to a difficult end, and some are forming happy new beginnings.

I am committed to helping people become increasingly aware of their personal inner Spirituality. You’re invited to read my books and to get involved in my trainings and courses. 

Would you like to work with me on enjoying your positivity?

My spiritual guidance comes from my decades of experience delving into emotional possibilities. I use my personal discoveries to assist my clients to grow into their deeper realities. My books and articles, which some call provocative, offer you flexible options for self-expansion.

Dig into the Three Methods for using spiritual power. Put them to good use so you can discover more spiritual abilities for yourself. Your inner emotional spiritual expansion is what interests you. Right? Of course! 

I have a free e-book for you

Many things in this world are changing, coming to an end and forming new beginnings. Some are for the worse. Some are endeavors to become more positive. Now, you can get my free e-book, Five Bold Methods for Enhancing Your Life. Use this gift from me to apply positive methods to make you happier!

Also, would you tell friends and associates about this information? This can help them grasp the power and joy of their own spirituality. Invite them to dig into my free ebook, Five Bold Methods for Enhancing Your Life. Just copy this link and email it to them.

As a Celebration Minister, I’m so happy to experience more and more about spiritual power and divinity. Are you ready to explore?

What does it truly mean that God Is Love?  Is Heaven supposed to be on this earth? In what ways might that affect you? What is Paradise?

As your inner joy and power keep getting stronger, you can discover many ways to dig into happiness, positivity, spiritual love and self-expansion.

This is Leilani thanking you for reading thus far. To go to the heart of the offerings on this website, next please go to the Blog, clickable at the top of the page. There you’ll find my articles on many topics. Please return to the Blog page frequently, because this is where I update and add new insights. 

Joy and blessings to you! 

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